Christian Leaders for AfricaChristian Leaders for Africa (CLA) is a not-for-profit organization of people who share a vision for Africans training Africans in Africa. Formed in November, 2002, CLA is a partner with Africa International University (AIU) in Nairobi, Kenya. AIU is a Christian university that was previously known as the Nairobi Evangelical Graduate School of Theology (NEGST). The university will have three major schools of study, NEGST, the Institute for the Study of African Realities (ISAR), and the School for Professional Studies (SPS).

The board and staff of CLA seek to develop US support for ongoing programs at NEGST, including student scholarships, faculty support, the new doctoral initiatives and various capital projects.

Wrapping up 2014

AIU Graduates

First let me extend to you our thanks for your continued support in helping Christian Leaders for Africa provide scholarships to students at Africa International University (AIU) and the Nairobi Evangelical Graduate School of Theology (NEGST). Your support has enabled us to provide aid to 26 students working on their PhD, 20 students working on their masters and 15 students who are enrolled working toward their undergraduate degree in theology.

As we approach the end of this calendar year we are also coming upon the start of the second semester at AIU. Our next major support for scholarships is due in January 2015. Please consider a year end gift to help us make the second semester payment. CLA is the largest single contributor to the university, and your support is important in maintaining the legacy that was built there by Dr. Chet Wood.

As you consider what the Lord is placing on your heart about AIU, look at the two photos of graduates of this wonderful university.

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Introducing Jim Rogers: CLA Executive Director

Jim RogersIn May of this year, the CLA Board elected Jim Rogers to lead CLA as Executive Director, following his service as Interim Director after Ed Fischer’s resignation. .

Jim is a member of the AIU-NEGST Governing Council and has been serving as liaison to the CLA Board since 2008.

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Seizing an Incredible Opportunity

Seizing an Incredible Opportunity

Jeanne Evers belongs to a CLA-supporting church and traveled to Kenya on the CLA Vision Tour in February. Below she shares what made the trip so incredible.

Last year was my first year of service on the Mission Board of my church. In this position, God gave me the opportunity to help oversee how a church determines financial support and to go deeper by learning “the heart” of four specific ministries. Happily, one of those ministries is Christian Leaders for Africa.

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