Introducing Jim Rogers: CLA Executive Director

June 2014

Jim RogersIn May of this year, the CLA Board elected Jim Rogers to lead CLA as Executive Director, following his service as Interim Director after Ed Fischer’s resignation.

Jim is a member of the AIU-NEGST Governing Council and has been serving as liaison to the CLA Board since 2008. He is well acquainted with CLA and has been involved with AIU-NEGST for many years. From the outset of his involvement with us, Jim has viewed CLA as having a vital role in developing the Christian leaders that Africa needs, first through NEGST, and now through AIU. He notes that it is essential for CLA to invest in such a way that enables the heritage of NEGST to remain the heartbeat of AIU. Jim’s twenty-plus years of involvement in Kenya will serve us well in keeping with our focus to provide support to AIU and its efforts to build Christian leaders in Africa.

Jim has also served on the boards of the following academic institutions: Trinity School for Ministry, Eastern University, and Calvary School in Kibera, Nairobi. He is the founder of two computer supply companies, Granville Associates, Inc. and Vision Business Products, Inc., now run by his two sons. In addition to his sons, Jim and his wife, Sally, have been blessed with six grandchildren.

You may contact Jim at and 407-376-9699.