Transforming Hope Capital Campaign

Transforming Hope Captial CampaignAIU has taken on the major task of raising US10 million over a five-year period to finance its transformation from a seminary to a university. This money is being raised through the Transforming Hope Capital Campaign, which AIU launched in November 2011.

Concept and Goal

The Transforming Hope Capital Campaign consolidates fund development projects into a single major capital campaign project. The goal is to raise US10 million over five years to launch AIU and set it on the journey to be a sustainable, responsible, and financially stable university delivering quality Christian education for the church and society.

Transforming Hope Theme

Transforming Hope is hope that inspires and empowers personal and social transformation through God the Father, Jesus his Son, and the power of the Holy Spirit. This hope embodies the AIU vision to educate Christ-centered leaders for transformation of God’s people and world.

Financial Partnership

Critical infrastructure needs to be built in order to house the operations of the expanding university, and this will include the Leah Ngini Centre. This new four-story building will house a student lounge, media room, and micro-finance and entrepreneurship, as well as dining, wellness, office, and computer facilities. A groundbreaking ceremony for the building took place at AIU on October 4, 2012. October 4 is the day classes first started at the school thirty years ago.

Leah Ngini Student Center
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Learn more about the Leah Ngini Centre (PDF).

Check out the Master Plan and Concept Proposal (22mb PDF).

How Can You Help

You can pledge in several different ways:

  1. Lead and major gifts
  2. Phased giving: over five years
  3. One-time gifts
  4. Gifts in cash, stocks, etc.
  5. Estate Gifts
  6. Professional Services

Thank You

On behalf of CLA and AIU, thank you for your sacrificial giving. You can be confident that 100 percent of your designated funds will be passed through to AIU.

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Transforming Hope

Transforming HopeThe Transforming Hope Capital Campaign goal is to raise funds over five years to launch AIU into the future and set it on the journey to be a sustainable, financially stable and responsible university delivering quality Christian education for Church and Society.

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