God is equipping leaders for his kingdom though AIU, and we’d like to introduce you to some of them. We also want to introduce you to our sponsors, who have generously made the development of Christian Leaders for Africa a financial and spiritual priority. Our stories are categorized under Alumni, Students, Sponsors and Updates so please take a moment to learn more about our organization, our sponsors and how we are helping students reach their potential at AIU.

June 2018 Updates

June 2018 Update

Fiscal year 2018 is coming to an end on June 30. We have had a record year in contributions for scholarships, faculty support, the Chet Woods Endowed Chair, library funding and specific donations to complete the interior road project. We are thankful for such generous provision.

While we have fulfilled almost all of our commitments to Africa International University – NEGST, we remain a little short on the funding for PhD scholarships. We will need $5,000 by year end to balance out for the year.

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December 2017 Update

Christmas Greetings from CLA. We have a number of praise reports and one request that we want to communicate with you. On the praise front we have met all of our scholarship requirements for the Masters and undergraduate programs for the first semester. Also, our giving to “named students” is ahead of last year. Additionally, we have fulfilled our faculty requirements. We closed our” Road Project” fund at the end of November and have exceeded that goal by a wide margin. We received a very significant gift from an anonymous donor at the end of November insuring this project will be completed and fully paid. Pictures of the road construction are shown below. We have had a number of donations to complete the renovations at the Kijiji Guest house. New dining room furniture has been purchased as well as a hospitality software package. Overall our donation base is up significantly over the previous year with one exception.

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August 2017 Update

For years the interior road on the NEGST-AIU campus has been mostly dust or mud. This condition has led to a number of issues. CLA along with a major US foundation, are now offering a solution for this problem...the PAVING OF THE INTERIOR ROAD. This development will have significant economic impact to the school. Let me outline the proposal and the income sources.

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May 2017 Update

Sometimes it is good process to go back, to repeat, and to communicate the fundamental principles of any organization. In that regard, CLA at its recent board meeting confirmed its commitment to transform societies by training its teachers. We further believe that Christian Higher Education is essential to meet the needs for effective leadership in Africa. For these reasons CLA has cultivated a fellowship of individuals, churches, and foundations to bring forward the resources to accomplish these objectives. CLA continues to focus on Africa International University (AIU) and its Nairobi Evangelical Graduate School of Theology (NEGST).

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December 2016 Update

It seems that everyone writes a Christmas cheer letter with the hopes of getting in one last chance for fund raising before the tax year comes to a close. And here I am writing one as well. How do I make this sound different than the others? How do we appeal to you to put us on your list of year end donations? A big part of me says I don’t want to do that. I don’t want you to feel obligated. All of you have been such good stewards throughout the year and have kept CLA and our mission to NEGST-AIU in your prayers and have remembered us with your support.

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