God is equipping leaders for his kingdom though AIU, and we’d like to introduce you to some of them. We also want to introduce you to our sponsors, who have generously made the development of Christian Leaders for Africa a financial and spiritual priority. Our stories are categorized under Alumni, Students, Sponsors and Updates so please take a moment to learn more about our organization, our sponsors and how we are helping students reach their potential at AIU.

April 2016 Update

From inception, NEGST-AIU has graduated over 1,100 students with Masters Degrees and over 35 with PhDs. Currently, 47 students are working on their PhD. That is an impressive amount of talent to be placed out into Africa and other far reaching countries. Just imagine the return on investment that placement is making. Evangelism into Muslim dominated countries… teachers at all levels of Christian education...ministers in varying denominations spread out over 16 different countries...significant leaders in Kenyan and other African evangelical and secular organizations. Thank you! Through your generous support of CLA and NEGST-AIU, you have made this happen.

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August 2016 Update

Hot summer greetings. It is hard to believe we are on the back side of summer and a new school year is right around the corner. CLA thanks you for giving us such an outstanding 2016 fiscal year. We achieved all of our goals and raised a record amount for NEGST-AIU including the start of a special grant to pave the interior road on the Karen campus. Now we start on the program for the 2017 Academic Year. We are asking you to consider early support to enable CLA to make our scholarship transfer for the start of the first semester. This wire is normally made around the 15th of September.

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December 2016 Update

It seems that everyone writes a Christmas cheer letter with the hopes of getting in one last chance for fund raising before the tax year comes to a close. And here I am writing one as well. How do I make this sound different than the others? How do we appeal to you to put us on your list of year end donations? A big part of me says I don’t want to do that. I don’t want you to feel obligated. All of you have been such good stewards throughout the year and have kept CLA and our mission to NEGST-AIU in your prayers and have remembered us with your support.

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