God is equipping leaders for his kingdom though AIU, and we’d like to introduce you to some of them. We also want to introduce you to our sponsors, who have generously made the development of Christian Leaders for Africa a financial and spiritual priority. Our stories are categorized under Alumni, Students, and Sponsors, so please take a moment to learn more about our organization, our sponsors and how we are helping students reach their potential at AIU.

Seizing an Incredible Opportunity

Seizing an Incredible Opportunity

Jeanne Evers belongs to a CLA-supporting church and traveled to Kenya on the CLA Vision Tour in February. Below she shares what made the trip so incredible.

Last year was my first year of service on the Mission Board of my church. In this position, God gave me the opportunity to help oversee how a church determines financial support and to go deeper by learning “the heart” of four specific ministries. Happily, one of those ministries is Christian Leaders for Africa.

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Live a Legacy of Love

George MurichuMy name is George Murichu, and I began studying at Africa International University in September 2012. I am pursuing a Master of Divinity in Biblical Studies

I come from a close-knit family that consists of my Mum, my elder sister, and I. My parents separated when I was very young, and since then Mum has raised us up by God’s grace. Indeed the grace of God has been sufficient through life’s different seasons. To have made it this far is testimony of His providence and provision!

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I Feel Like My Life Has Just Begun

Tecla KarimiMy name is Tecla Karimi. I am Kenyan, and I am a third-year student at Africa International University getting my bachelors degree in psychology and counseling. In my family of four, I am the second born.

When I was in class six, my parents got divorced and I was traumatized as a child. My dad only paid my fees through high school and then deserted me. When I joined AIU I thought of my aunty, who had promised to help pay my college fees, but to my shock she passed on. And so I was left in the hands of God for provision, and indeed God has been faithful.

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Dual Passions: Basketball and the Bible

Henry Bentry MwalwandaHenry Bentry Mwalwanda can be called the Michael Jordan of Malawi. He played as the starting point guard on the national basketball team for four years. But basketball is not his only passion. He is also passionate about teaching theology and Bible in Africa.

Henry was born into a medical family, his parents being a doctor and a nurse. Unfortunately, his father died in a car accident when Henry was twenty-two, and his mother died of a stomach ailment two years later. Henry’s eldest brother raised his eight siblings, with Henry among the youngest.

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Finding Joy in God’s Leading

Anges Asenwa MungaiMy name is Agnes Asenwa Mungai. I was born in the western region of Kenya to Christian parents. I grew up loving God, and it was my faith in God that helped me remain focused during university and life after graduation.

Upon graduation, I was employed by the government as a high school teacher. There I developed a great desire to share God’s Word with the young boys and girls I taught. Naturally, God also used this passion in the church. I have served in various areas, but my greatest joy is ministering to children and teens. Currently, I am head of my church’s children’s ministry.

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“I cannot repay you, but God will someday...”

LiamLami is earning a Bachelor of Theology at AIU, planning to graduate in 2014. Earlier this year he told us of his calling to reach orphans in Ethiopia, and how his training at AIU will equip him for that ministry.

Lami explained that in Ethiopia, as in some other African countries, there are many orphans in need of help, mostly children who have lost their parents to HIV/AIDS. “I need to get back to my country and help guide the children in the streets. I want to teach them the Word of God. They need to learn to depend on God.” Lami’s vision is not only to teach these children about God’s love for them, but also to start them on a path to a general education: “Most children do not know they need to get an education. I need to tell them about the power of knowledge and about God,” says Lami.

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Paying Attention to the Gospel

David Fugoyo is earning a PhD in biblical studies, Old Testament, at AIU. Here he shares how his vision for South Sudan is made possible by his education.

David FugoyoI first heard about AIU (then NEGST) while in Khartoum, Sudan, in the mid 1990s. Knowing that my ministry was going to be in Africa, I chose to go to AIU for my graduate degree. It wasn’t until 2007 that I arrived at the school and began to study biblical studies. Since then, my education and experiences at AIU have steadily shaped me into who I am today, and they will continue to play a positive role in my life and ministry in Africa.

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Fleeing Home: Finding Hope in the Gospel

Debbie's trip to AIU

My journey to Africa International University began with a desire to prevent suffering for people like Esther.* Esther fled her home in Liberia when civil war wracked the country. She sought refuge in neighboring Ivory Coast, only to flee again when that country experienced significant political unrest. Ghana provided Esther with temporary shelter in a refugee camp while she waited for “the powers that be” to determine her fate. She could not return home, so where would she go? Eventually, she was sent to the United States for permanent resettlement.

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