Alumni Stories

Getting an education was only the beginning for AIU’s alumni. They have since applied what they learned at AIU to help change the continent of Africa for the glory of God. Read the stories below to be inspired by the ways in which they have honored the Lord with their education.

Fleeing Home: Finding Hope in the Gospel

Debbie's trip to AIU

My journey to Africa International University began with a desire to prevent suffering for people like Esther.* Esther fled her home in Liberia when civil war wracked the country. She sought refuge in neighboring Ivory Coast, only to flee again when that country experienced significant political unrest. Ghana provided Esther with temporary shelter in a refugee camp while she waited for “the powers that be” to determine her fate. She could not return home, so where would she go? Eventually, she was sent to the United States for permanent resettlement.

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Faculty Focus: Meet Mr. Lawrence Oseje, who is passionate about making the Gospel relevant

The following interview was conducted by AIU with one of their graduates who now serves on the faculty of the school, Lawrence Oseje. He is an example of the valuable assets that AIU helps develop for the church in Africa.

Lawrence OsejeMr. Lawrence Oseje works for the Missions Department as a part-time lecturer, and his core concentration is Islamic studies. He is also a teaching assistant in Doctoral Studies with an Islamic concentration. He holds a BA from Global University, a MA in missions, and a MTh from Africa International University. He is pursuing a PhD in intercultural studies with a focus on Islam, also from Africa International University.

Mr. Oseje, What is your teaching philosophy?

“Engaging students in critical thinking over the issues that affect their context of ministry.” The reason why I chose this statement as my teaching philosophy is because every time that I teach, there are many issues that come up—such as political, economic, cultural, social and religious issues—that are contemporary and require some kind of input on how to meet the felt needs of the people in their various ministry contexts.

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Stewarding His IRA for God's Glory

Stewarding His IRA for God's GlorySpencer Radnich was 69 when he graduated from AIU in 2008. Recently he donated a substantial amount of money to CLA by naming them as a beneficiary out of his IRA. When we asked Spencer what motivated him to donate in this way, he said that it was “a way of giving something back to the school without doing it in a way that’s going to create a financial burden now.” He went on to describe the effort as “painless.”

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AIU Alumnus Dr. John Jusu Develops Undergraduate Program

AIU Alumnus Dr. John Jusu Develops Undergraduate ProgramDr. John Jusu is the academic dean for AIU’s School of Professional Studies. He brings a unique perspective to his position as a graduate of the university that he now helps to lead. Having grown up in diamond-rich and war-torn Sierra Leone, he also brings a deep understanding of some of Africa’s most difficult issues. Thanks to people like you that supported his education financially, AIU is blessed to have someone of his caliber on their faculty.

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Meet AIU Graduates Betelhem and Yohannes

Meet AIU Graduates Betelhem and YohannesI am Yohannes Tesfaye Sahile. In 2004, ten days after Betelhem and I got married, we arrived at AIU. We often jokingly refer to our three AIU years as our honeymoon. Indeed, we wouldn’t trade them for anything.

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Meet AIU Graduate Johnny Weche and Rose Weche

Meet AIU Graduate Johnny Weche and Rose WecheMy name is Johnny Weche, and my wife Rose and I have a three-month-old daughter, Abilia Muhau. We are grateful for the privilege and challenge of parenting!

Rose and I serve with the Navigators of Kenya. The Navigators are an international partnership of individuals committed to knowing God and making him known.

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Bible Translation by AIU Alumnus Peter Yuh, PhD

Bible Translation by AIU Alumnus Peter Yuh, PhDNearly a year after finishing my PhD at AIU, I, Peter Yuh, am now a translation consultant in a part of Cameroon that represents a serious challenge to Bible translators. The challenge arises from the many languages here. For example, in some regions I could find a different language community every fifteen to twenty kilometers. Most of these communities want their own translations of the Bible, perhaps because of ethnic pride but also, certainly, because hearing the gospel in one’s mother tongue is always different and better. These languages are those in which we dream and cry, and the hidden treasures of the Scriptures can be communicated in no better medium.

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