April 2016 Updates

From inception, NEGST-AIU has graduated over 1,100 students with Masters Degrees and over 35 with PhDs. Currently, 47 students are working on their PhD. That is an impressive amount of talent to be placed out into Africa and other far reaching countries. Just imagine the return on investment that placement is making. Evangelism into Muslim dominated countries… teachers at all levels of Christian education...ministers in varying denominations spread out over 16 different countries...significant leaders in Kenyan and other African evangelical and secular organizations. Thank you! Through your generous support of CLA and NEGST-AIU, you have made this happen,

While the harvest has been rich, the task of continuing the planting has many challenges. AIU continues to struggle financially. Over 125 students were deregistered in the 2015-2016 second semester due to lack of funding. Teachers sometimes go unpaid for several months at a time. The school had a nice uptick in new enrollments of over 150, but the loss of the students who needed funding made the net increase to be less than budgeted. Thus the need for continued provision for scholarships still exists and is fundamental to the ongoing success of our beloved institution.

We are thankful that CLA was able to achieve our budget and scholarship goals for this 2015-2016 academic year. And we are grateful for the Lord’s provision. The challenge rests with students being able to clear their bills in order to graduate, and it continues as we prepare to undertake the 2016-2017 year budget. For this, we ask for your prayers and support. As we have previously explained, CLA needs to fund scholarships at the beginning of each semester. That equates to making two large gifts to AIU each year in the August-September time frame for the first semester, and then again in January for the second semester. While the latter ties in nicely to year end giving, the first payment cycle always proves to be a challenge.

Please prayerfully consider making a gift now, which will enable us to be in a position by the end of July to fully meet our scholarship goals for the first semester payment in August. Our goal for the academic year 2016-2017 (which includes our budget for faculty assistance, library support and IT infrastructure) is $325,000. Of that total, $150,000 will be needed for the first semester, and $175,000 needed for the second semester. With more students turned away each year due to a lack of financial aid, every additional $50,000 raised could support 25 more students studying at the Masters’ level or 40 more students working on their Bachelor of Theology degree. Please pray with me for a bigger DREAM.

Every dollar of every gift goes to AIU-NEGST. CLA raises its operating budget completely separate from our annual scholarship fund which enables us to apply 100% of every gift to the school.

Please help us through your support. The next class of evangelists, teachers, preachers, linguists, interpreters and business scholars need your gift. Please prayerfully consider the wise use of the resources our Lord has provided you.

Jim Rogers
Executive Director