August 2016 Updates

Hot summer greetings. It is hard to believe we are on the back side of summer and a new school year is right around the corner. CLA thanks you for giving us such an outstanding 2016 fiscal year. We achieved all of our goals and raised a record amount for NEGST-AIU including the start of a special grant to pave the interior road on the Karen campus. Now we start on the program for the 2017 Academic Year. We are asking you to consider early support to enable CLA to make our scholarship transfer for the start of the first semester. This wire is normally made around the 15th of September.

I draw your particular attention to our story about Michael Dikki. Michael is a CLA scholar who will finish his PhD this academic year and will graduate in July 2017. Much is being said in articles about the convergence of Christianity and Islam in the years ahead. Many believe this is likely to take place in Africa. AIU has an intense program in NEGST called the Institute for the Study of African Realities (ISAR), and in particular, for the study of how to engage and evangelize Muslims. This program is now being led by Prof. Caleb Kim. It is without question, the best program in all of Africa. Many students are being drawn to NEGST-AIU because of ISAR. Michael is a great example of what your contribution and investment is producing.

Thanks for considering an early gift to get this new year off to another successful start. The school now has a total of 36 countries represented including, Great Britain, Germany and the United States.

Michael and his wife Fulera are from Nigeria. They do not have a family as they have lost two sets of twins at birth. Michael is a graduate of Bayero University with an MBA and has an MA from NEGST in the study of Islam. He wants to teach in a school or seminary to engage laymen and pastors on how to evangelize in Muslim populated areas. His thesis is titled "Religious Conflicts in N. Nigeria". He came to study further at NEGST-AIU because of its evangelical history and his interest in studies dealing with Islam. In his research he has been reflecting on the writings of Maududi who influenced many with his teachings on Radical Islam. Michael, prior to his PhD studies, was a student at NEGST working on his MA Degree and was supervised by Prof. Kim.

Thanks go out to all of our donors who have helped support the ISAR program as well as the PhD scholarships.

Jim Rogers
Executive Director