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Right now, as you read these words, there are advocates in Africa working tirelessly and selflessly to face the challenges of leadership. Often putting their own lives at stake, these African men and women face obstacles most of us can’t even imagine. But they press on because their communities need them, their countries need them, their continent needs them and their world needs them. These are the students, faculty and administration of African International University who, despite incredible odds, have dedicated their lives to the training of leaders in Africa. By giving to CLA you are joining this Fellowship of Advocates committed to the unleashing of a generation of Christ-centered leaders in Africa educated to transform God’s people and world.  

Giving to CLA is quite literally the opportunity to play a critical role in the future of Africa. Every dollar invested in CLA is exponentially multiplied into active results through the countless lives touched and transformed by the leaders who receive the training needed to become world changers.

We are a certified 501c3 corporation.