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When you contribute financially to a theological school in Africa, you are looking into the future as well. You envision healthy churches, mature pastors, effective missionaries, godly leaders who know and love the word of God.

You can give to meet an immediate need or you can invest gifts that will benefit the students and faculty years from now. Endowment funds are long-term investments that will keep a theological school accomplishing its mission generation after generation.

Endowments are created to ensure a faculty position in a particular department. They can also guarantee a certain level of scholarship funds for students. When invested wisely, endowment funds can yield a steady income for a theological school and continue to grow the overall investment.

Why is theological education in Africa so strategic and worth endowing?

  • Christianity is now centered in the global South. The fastest growing church is on the African continent, and it is the emerging leader in world missions. One in five Christians in the world is African. We must have well-trained African church leaders for the sake for the gospel.
  • African societies and African churches need godly men and women of integrity and courage. The problems of corruption and conflict will not diminish until mature people, especially followers of Jesus Christ, demonstrate a better way. Schools like AIU are where leaders like this are prepared.
  • The many social, economic and health problems confronting Africa will not be solved in one generation and not by the West. Future generations of African leaders are the key, and it is clear to many that they will be found in the church.
  • The newly-released Africa Bible Commentary represents the theological and pastoral maturity of African evangelical Christians. Many of the scholars who contributed to that volume are graduates and professors at AIU. The exploding church in Africa needs to be taught the word of God and discipled to follow Christ.
  • Endowing faculty positions and student scholarships at a theological school models financial stewardship for those who study at the school. It is a wise use of resources and an act of faith in God’s care for the church generations from now.

The Biblical Studies Faculty Endowment Fund

Our goal: $1 million

A $1 million endowment will provide AIU with $50,000 annual income with which to pay for at least one full-time faculty member in the Biblical Studies department.

To Make a Single Gift Now

Checks should be written to Christian Leaders for Africa and sent to P.O. 3302, Carmel, IN 46082. Mark “Biblical Studies Faculty Endowment” on your check. Christian Leaders for Africa will provide a tax-exempt receipt letter.

Include the Endowment Fund in Your Estate Plan

Just like AIU, you are also preparing for your future and setting aside funds to sustain you in later years and support the next generation. The church in Africa and its pastors and teachers can be part of the future generation you want to support.

Consult with your financial advisor on how to include AIU’s Faculty Endowment Fund in your will or trust. If you need assistance from an advisor, Christian Leaders for Africa can put you in touch with their gift planning consultant.

Contact the CLA executive director to learn more.

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