October 2023 CLA Updates

The 2023-24 academic year is underway and CLA is pleased to be able to continue our scholarships for this year. Your donations are helping us to touch over 110 students with some form of aid. Our totals combine our general scholarship grants through the school and our individually sponsored students. Phd =42, Masters =46, and BTh=22 and 3+ in Diploma. Thank you for making these scholarships and grants possible. Many of you time your gifts toward the start of each term, so now would be appropriate for any donor wanting to help with the first term. As a reminder, we can accept checks to our PO Box, credit cards through PayPal or QR code, and gifts from your IRA or 401k accounts. Additionally, we can accept appreciated securities through our brokerage firm. We are pleased that two individuals have designated CLA in their wills and we are in the process of accepting those funds for their intended use. Our Lord touches so many individuals in so many different ways.

Picture of PHD Students

PhD Students:
Abyot Gashute – Ethiopia, Haruna Akebok – Nigeria, Steve Njeru – Kenya

As mentioned previously I have been serving on the VC search committee and am happy to report that we are in the final stages of interviews. We will hopefully have an announcement by the end of October. Please continue to pray that we will be sent the transformative leader needed to bring AIU to sustainability.

Vice Chancellor Dankit Nassiuma retired at the end of August. During this interim period the DVCAA has been appointed as the acting VC and Prof. James Nkansah has been appointed as the acting DVCAA- Deputy Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs.

Masters Students
Johnny Kalonda – DR Congo, Kambale Sindani – DR Congo, Kenneth Arinaitwe – DR Congo

Enrollment has been steady and most classes are face to face. The Kenyan government has announced that they will discontinue offering academic aid for students wanting to attend private universities. Government sponsored students have not been a financial help to the school. The government pays very little per student and is always late with the payment. My analysis indicates that it costs AIU more than what the subsidy pays. Our new leader will be challenged to “right size” the school in order to gain sustainability.

Needs for scholarship continue to be greater than funds available. The quality of students enrolled continues to be high and AIU remains popular throughout the continent and abroad. We solicit your continuing support in order to train the next generation of Christian Leaders for Africa.

Jim Rogers
Christian Leaders for Africa