December 2017 Updates

Christmas Greetings from CLA. We have a number of praise reports and one request that we want to communicate with you. On the praise front we have met all of our scholarship requirements for the Masters and undergraduate programs for the first semester. Also, our giving to “named students” is ahead of last year. Additionally, we have fulfilled our faculty requirements. We closed our” Road Project” fund at the end of November and have exceeded that goal by a wide margin. We received a very significant gift from an anonymous donor at the end of November insuring this project will be completed and fully paid. Pictures of the road construction are shown below. We have had a number of donations to complete the renovations at the Kijiji Guest house. New dining room furniture has been purchased as well as a hospitality software package. Overall our donation base is up significantly over the previous year with one exception.

Our shortfall is with the PhD program. It is our largest donation segment and is always our most challenging to fulfill on a timely basis. As of this writing we are $10,000 short to complete this goal. And as a timing note, we will soon enter the second semester time frame and want to be able to make payments early in each semester cycle, so please consider making a year end gift to help us in reaching our commitment.

Does my contribution make a difference? Listen to the following testimony from one of our CLA scholarship recipients as you consider your yearend giving.


P.O. Box 3302
Carmel, IN 46082

As we approach the day of Jesus birth, let us remember that He is the reason for the season. He is also the reason for AIU-NEGST and the corresponding CLA programs. Your school is providing the next generation of Christian teachers, preachers and leaders that will continue to transform the African continent. Scholarships provide the needed help to enable many of these students to fulfill their goals and the transformation that will take place. We continue to be thankful for your generous provision. Please know that your investment makes a difference.

Wishing you all of the joys associated with Christmas and HIS birth.

Warm regards,

Jim Rogers