December 2019 Updates

December 2019 Updates

Pictured: Prof. Caleb Kim, Prof. Judy Wang’gombe and Prof. Josephine Mutuku. Judy is a recent graduate with a PhD from NEGST and now serves on the faculty.

CLA continues to prepare the next generation of teachers, preachers and evangelists for Africa. We have not strayed from our mission at NEGST-AIU. The addition of undergraduates has added and provided a real live mission field for those studying at NEGST. Wonderful stories are told every term about students coming to faith and witnessing how God’s love permeates the entire school. The graduate students and the faculty of NEGST have embraced this opportunity to show Christ’s love and the hope of eternal life with Him.

Much has been written recently about theological schools both in the US and abroad. None of the schools, nor other colleges or universities cover their expenses on tuition and fees alone. They all need a certain amount of annual giving to have a balanced budget. AIU-NEGST is not an exception. The Governing Council (GC) of the school is under new leadership and much discussion has ensued regarding sustainability. I will continue to keep you informed about these initiatives.

As we approach the end of the year and many make their major decisions about giving let me ask you to consider two requests.

One is to continue to provide scholarship funds enabling those less fortunate to continue and finish their studies at NEGST. While we meet our annual giving budgets and are supporting our designated students, we have received requests from deregistered students for support beyond our available funding. Most students only need $400-500 to finish their degree. To the extent you are able please consider helping one of these students.

The second request is a one time ask. While the GC develops its plan for sustainability the school is behind several months in faculty payroll. I am asking you to consider a one-time gift for the NEGST faculty. CLA will pay directly to each NEGST faculty member to help cover the gap. As I have mentioned above, neither Western nor African schools cover their budget needs on tuition alone. Please consider making this one-off contribution.

I have called for a world wide meeting of all NEGST stakeholders for Feb 28-29, 2020. This meeting will be held in conjunction with the meeting of the Governing Council and will be designed to address the long-term funding and sustainability project for NEGST-AIU. Join me in prayer as we prepare for this meeting.

As we look at giving thanks right now, we also begin to look forward for the season of hope and the promise of eternal life given through the birth of our Lord and Savior. CLA Board of Directors and I wish you a very Merry Christmas.

Warm regards,
Jim Rogers
Christian Leaders for Africa