November 2019 Updates

There are over 30 different countries represented by the students at Africa International University. Culture Week, held every year in October, offers an opportunity for the different people groups on campus to come together to share about their countries of origin. An array of beautiful clothing, delicious food, traditional dances, songs in many languages, and skits emphasizing various cultural customs all promote understanding and unity.

Culture Week is very significant to African students who come from countries that are still struggling with tribalism. For example, students from South Sudan, who come from different tribes that are enemies at home, love each other and fellowship with each other and even pray for their countries during their time at Nairobi Evangelical Graduate School of Theology. NEGST brings together, not just different countries, but even different tribes. Thus Culture Week is not just a time of activities, but students and faculty alike testify how the week has opened up their eyes to the beauty of other traditions and above all to see that their God is bigger than their tribe and their culture. He is worthy of all our praise.

Join NEGST in Praying

– That the bonds of love and understanding formed during Culture Week would continue to grow throughout the year.

– For the success of the search for a Partnership Development Officer.

– That students, who are blocked from sitting in classes because of lack of payments on their university accounts, will be able to clear their financial debt and continue their studies