March 2022 Updates

March 2022 Updates

PLEASE NOTE THIS CHANGE: Our NEGST guests will not be able to obtain their visas in time to travel to the US for the CLA May 2022 Birthday Party. We are rescheduling for 2023. Stay tuned for updated information. Consular services worldwide have been delayed due to the Covid pandemic and the decline in services has significantly delayed any processing of visa applications.

NOTES from recent on campus visit:

  • Most classes have resumed in face-to-face mode with the exception of a few Masters classes.
  • Enrollment for the semester starting in Jan 2022 has increased significantly
  • The operating budget will improve with this increase but the overall deficit will continue
  • CLA has fulfilled its budgeted scholarship commitments for this academic year 21-22
  • CLA donors have provided funds for NEGST salaries in arrears and for one additional new faculty member

Thank you for your continued support. The students receiving your support are grateful and recognize the opportunity being afforded to them through your generosity. The NEGST faculty in arrears program was implemented in Jan of this year. It will provide for a monthly payment equal to 40% of their salary. This will ensure that the faculty is receiving some income each month as the school develops their sustainability endeavors. Again, thank you for those CLA donors who have given abundantly and graciously for this program.

Moving forward CLA has been asked to provide one additional faculty for Theology which will require up front funding amounting to $24,000 each year for the first two years. Additionally, CLA is exploring the building of an “On Line Virtual Classroom” to further develop the ability of the school to offer alternatives to face-to-face learning. In addition to the classroom there will be needed IT hardware to accomplish this task. Initial estimates place the cost of this program around $100,000. CLA is seeking partners and grants to help accomplish this task.

As I close, I ask for your continued prayers for the following:

  1. The pandemic has caused significant financial struggles for many students…pray that CLA will continue to increase our ability to help those in need
  2. The school still operates at a deficit…most US schools do as well if dependent upon tuition as the only revenue source…pray that AIU-NEGST is able to develop a plan for sustainability that will recognize the gap of tuition revenue vs expenses and will find an on-going method to fill that gap. Always grateful for any amount of support that you can provide. CLA is a good steward of your resources.

Jim Rogers
Christian Leaders for Africa