November 2021 Updates

Joseph Kiplangat

Joseph Kiplangat. DVCAA-R Deputy Vice Chancellor Academic Affairs-Research. Joseph came to AIU from MOI University where he was the Director of their Tech Center in the Central Business District.

Greetings and Happy Thanksgiving. I have just returned from the AIU-NEGST campus. Covid remains in check but not all students have returned to in person teaching. We are hopeful that learning will return to normal for the January 2022 term. As this is the season of Thanksgiving, we want to take this opportunity to give thanks for the following:

  • CLA completed the first term scholarship allocation for the PhD and Masters Students
  • We have agreed to assist in the hiring of a new professor at NEGST to teach Biblical Studies
  • Assistance will be given each month for the next year to ensure a portion of each NEGST faculty member’s salary will be paid on time

Thanks to all of you for providing the funding and for the prompt payment enabling us to complete this gift. Several new positions have recently been filled and we are happy to share.

R-Master Mathlaope , new General Secretary for AEA-Association of Evangelicals in Africa

L-Nelson Kuria – Chair-AIU Governing Council. Nelson has an extensive business background in insurance and leadership development. He brings a new enthusiasm and outlook for the university. R-Master Mathlaope , new General Secretary for AEA-Association of Evangelicals in Africa. Master is from Botswana and has already made several changes to improve the governance structure at AIU. AEA is the founding parent for AIU-NEGST.

Each of these new persons has emphasized the importance of NEGST as being the heart beat for the university. We trust these new hires will continue to bring a more robust plan for organization financial stability.

CLA and our friends from the AIU-NEGST campus send you our warmest Thanksgiving wishes. And again, please accept our thanks for your continued support. We continue to educate the next generation of African Theological leaders. Asante, sana

Warm regards,

Jim Rogers

Just a reminder that we have a new PO Box: P.O. Box 3302, Carmel, IN 46082